With the increase in smartphone technology and the increasing variety of laptop, tablet sales have stagnated, even at the end of 2019 tablet sales had decreased. And normally, tablets are used for children to play games or just watching favorite TV shows.


Covid-19 made us to stay home. It’s changing our usual habit and force us to keep productive at home. With this condition, we take advantage of the new normal situation to increase tablet sales by making new perspective about the function of tablet and inspired them on how they increase productivity with Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. 


  1. We create series of photo comparison between normal vs new normal activity inspiration that user can do with tablet.


  2. Create The New Normal Activity to maintain conversation on Twitter that asking audience to share their new normal idea with Galaxy Tab S6 Lite which is run by our KOL (Andihiyat & Wordfangs)


  3. Create The New Normal Experiment by collab with musician Ramengvrl that invite user to complete her lyric and content creator Kristo Immanuel  that invite user to make a video by continuing the story that was made by him.


  4. Create The New Normal Experiment Pro-Tips where Ramengvrl and Kristo Immanuel set a topic of new normal activity with Galaxy Tab S6 Lite to inspire audience on Instagram Live.