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Crimson specializes in creating brand talkability through powerful storytelling combined with online PR stunts and coverage.

Combining creative digital campaigns across social media with public-relation activities, gives brands and corporations a guaranteed talkability in major online publications. With its powerful team of senior experienced PR specialists, Crimson also helps with Online Crisis Management and Online Reputation Management. Among the clients are Grab, Lion Wings, AIA, Djarum,, Indosat, Paramex, and many more

Services include:

  1. Online Reputation Ecosystem Strategy & Development
  2. Online Sentiment & Reputation Management
  3. Online Crisis Resolution & Aversion
  4. Integrated Talkability-driven Digital Marketing
  5. Social Media Content Production & Management
  6. Social Data Analysis
  7. Media Relations with Online Publishers
  8. Social Media PR Stunts
  9. Social Media Talkability-Content Production & Management

KENNA consulting is a company that helps organizations to maximize marketing investment for ROI/higher returns using Data and Technology. Helping brands design and define how data & technology can be pulled together to initiate, continue, or shift your business in an improved marketing ROI direction.

Services include:

  1. Marketing ROI and ROAS trend analysis
  2. AI & Machine Learning application strategy
  3. Data Connector analysis and setup
  4. Marketing Automation strategy & recommendation
  5. Multi touch point data integration & visualization
  6. Audience segmentation & optimization
  7. Ad spend Analysis and Optimization
  8. Creative & Content Impact Analysis and Testing
  9. Mar-tech and Ad-tech Analysis
  10. Consumer Behaviour Analysis & Scenario
  11. Persona & Audience Design
  12. Purchase Intent Analysis

SALT helps corporations and brands equip their marketing with technologies that are adaptable to disruptions for digital transformation.

Services include:

  1. Marketing Technology Consultant & Strategy
  2. Enterprise Website & Mobile Application Development
  3. Personalized Customer Experience Implementation
  4. Digital Experience Platform Execution
  5. Loyalty Platform Consultation
  6. Advanced Loyalty System Development
  7. Smart A.I. Chatbot
  8. User Persona Behaviour Analytics and Visualization

Among the clients are Mandiri Bank, AIA, Indosat, Jokowi-JK Presidential Campaign, Djarum, Body Shop, ANZ and many more.


BMI consists of the people behind many successful IP shows most people know on TV. With a team of master storytellers, film makers, video directors and producers, BMI create varying IPs for both FTA TVs and OTTs. Among them are stand-up comedy show series, cooking shows and travel documentaries, connecting brands, TV stations, OTT providers and the audience through powerful storytelling and excellent production quality.

Services include:

  1. Branded Story Development
  2. IP shows development
  3. IP rights management and sales
  4. OTT and TV Shows Production
  5. Cross Channel Branded Content Development
  6. Cooking Show Production & Management
  7. Comedy Show Production & Management
  8. Branded Recipe Creation and Development

MIX helps brands leverage the 2 most populated sport in the country, soccer and e-sports. MIX owns several exclusive sports partnership including public viewing rights on English Premiere League, European League and IEL: The first and largest Indonesia E-sports University League. MIX partners with global tech, data and platform to accelerate growth for e-sport industry in Indonesia.

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