The Challenge:

YouTube launched a brand new application that allows users to enjoy online videos while they can control the data usage.

This app, was designed according to the needs of Indonesians,

especially to those who live in suburbs areas and spend limited budget for internet data plan.

Unfortunately, due to the data plans limitation,  they only watch the content that they like most.

The ads? Will be skipped for sure.


Data-driven Insights

By digging deeper with data on our target market's behavior on YouTube and content consumptions,

we found out that most of them like to watch Dangdut, a genre of Indonesian folk-like that has became the epitome of Indonesia’s music culture.

Connecting our campaign with this will make our target audience not only informed but also entertained.


Creative Solution

So Instead of making ads, we created  a karaoke music video that educates and entertains at the same time.

Titled: "My Lover is Data Shaman."

In Indonesian, we call it

"Bojoku Pawang Kuota."


With a catchy tune and lyrics, choreographed dance moves, rising star performers and lots of culturally relevant humor, Youtube Go managed to be one of the most engaging  piece of content in Indonesia.


The song was written together between us and Siti Badriah, one of the most famous dangdut singer, with FUNtastic choreographer Temon showing the dance moves.

Beside uploaded on Google Youtube Channel, it was also

published by Nagaswara, the most subscribed dangdut music label that produced countless dangdut songs that went viral.


The Result:

We stole the spotlight.

Over 11 millions total views within 3 months

170 millions total earned social impressions

650 cover version were made


And more than 12 millions people started downloading and using Youtube Go. 

Almost double the initial target.

The snowball still keeps rolling.