October known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and breast cancer can be a scary and intimidating thing to talk/think/act about. Starbucks understand that everything is easier over a cup of coffee to give them support and to spread the courage contagiously.



Let’s have a courage to talk about this issue through coffee,

The more you talk about this issue, the more coffee you buy, the more donation to Love Pink organization.

Starbucks Redcomm



How we encourage people to talk about this issue and buy our pink drinks?

We activate their inner courage through IG filter, so everyone can take part to support every Indonesian female to fight this disease.

We also encourage them to visit Starbucks store and try our pink drink by showing the IG filter to get special discount.


  • 204,364,804 times people have seen our campaign across all social media
  • 32,546,979 people have been reached from all social media channels
  • 7,185,558 views from Youtube videos
  • 994,047 engagement throughout all social media channels with 3,05% average engagement (ER benchmark industry is 0,51%) 
  • 70,759 captures from Starbucks Pink Campaign Instagram filter