Can We Outsmart Competition in Social Media with Smart Algorithm?

The Challenge

Dairy brands are noisy in social media towards similar target market. Making word of mouth marketing for brand consideration a more challenging goal to achieve


What We Did

  1. A series of in-moment trending issues was created as a campaign to create conversation around Bebelac across digital platforms. Tunjukkan Hebatmu (Show Your Greatness) was initiated as the buzz volume driver as it encouraged moms to brag-post their children greatness in both FB and IG. 
  2. Buzz was amplified by KOLs while taking in the support of online mom’s community 
  3. Ride on the wave of facebook algorithm new changes, which leads us suggesting a fewer amount of post to gain higher organic reach. Less resource usage, Higher return.



  1. +32% growth in Share Of Voice for Buzz Volume, with 30% less post amount.
  2. Maintained High Average Organic Reach per post.
  3. A much more efficient spending and investment with higher effectiveness.