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5 Secrets of Influencer Gifting to Boost your Brand with Authentic Connections

06 Mar  · 
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Influencer collaborations have become the golden ticket to reach wider audiences. Influencer gifting has emerged as a powerful tool for creating genuine connections and compelling content. 

While the concept of influencers receiving freebies isn't groundbreaking, its strategic execution can be the game-changer your brand needs. 

Picture this: Your product showcased by a trusted influencer, effortlessly weaving it into their content, and voila, a wave of engagement and brand visibility follows. 

But here's the secret sauce to making that collaboration even sweeter, influencer gifting.

Influencer gifts aren't just about handing out freebies; they're about establishing a genuine connection and fostering a symbiotic relationship with content creators. 

In this guide, we'll dive into the intricacies of influencer gifting, exploring how brands can stand out in a sea of offerings and make a lasting impression.

1. Why Brands Should Embrace Influencer Gifting

In the grand arena of influencer marketing, the spotlight often shines on celebrities and mega-influencers. 

However, the magic of influencer gifting extends its charm to brand ambassadors, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and even nano-influencers. 

These smaller influencers, though they may not have millions of followers, bring authenticity and relatability to the table.

Imagine asking an influencer to create a dazzling TikTok demo without the product to showcase. It's like asking a chef to cook without ingredients. 

To avoid this friction, influencer gifting becomes the secret ingredient that transforms collaborations into authentic experiences.

2. How Does This Strategy Work?

So, how does one orchestrate the perfect influencer gifting campaign? It starts with a curated selection of influencers aligned with your brand values. 

The goal is to have influencers seamlessly integrate your product into their content, making it feel like a natural extension of their lifestyle, not a forced promotion.

Consider the social channels your influencers frequent, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and ensure they align with your target audience. 

Sending free products is the next step, often part of a paid promotion, or in some cases, a standalone gift with hopes of earning organic media attention.

Crucially, remember that gifts come with no strings attached. While influencer gifts aim to generate ROI, there's an inherent unpredictability. 

Engaging with influencers before gifting is a best practice; outreach emails confirm shipping details, build brand familiarity, and lay the foundation for a fruitful partnership.

3. Real-life Success Stories from Brands 

Incorporating influencer gifting into your marketing strategy can be a game-changer for brand promotion, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources. 

Below are real-world instances of successful influencer gifting campaigns:

Gymshark's Fitness Frenzy

Gymshark, a prominent activewear brand, utilized influencer gifting to enhance brand visibility and cultivate collaborations. 

Despite being a small business without substantial capital, Gymshark strategically engaged fitness influencers by sending them complimentary apparel. 

These influencers, in turn, featured the products in their videos, generating user-generated content that sparked significant interest in the brand. 

This grassroots movement propelled Gymshark's organic growth, demonstrating the effectiveness of influencer gifting for brand expansion.

Glossier's Ambassador Army

Glossier, a beauty brand, exemplifies the notion that influencers come in various sizes, nano, micro, or mega. 

Embracing an inclusive philosophy, Glossier treats every customer as an influencer. 

The brand has established a robust network of over 500 brand ambassadors, who, despite their smaller-scale influence, play a pivotal role in Glossier's marketing strategy. 

These ambassadors create content for the brand, potentially featured on Glossier's official social media channels. 

Additionally, customers can make purchases directly through ambassadors, allowing them to accumulate gifted credits for future products. 

This reciprocal arrangement creates a mutually beneficial scenario for both the brand and its ambassadors.

Sarah Shaw's Celeb Spark

Sarah Shaw, a savvy small business owner, devised a cost-effective brand awareness strategy by gifting products to high-profile celebrities such as Oprah and Jennifer Aniston. 

Despite limited resources for an elaborate celebrity marketing campaign, Shaw's fashion brand capitalized on the free exposure garnered from being associated with these renowned personalities. 

The resulting free press catapulted the company into an eight-figure business, showcasing the efficacy of a well-executed influencer gifting approach, even on a minimal budget.

4. Add a Personal Note to Your Gift

Beyond the product, a personalized hand-written note can elevate your influencer gifting strategy. This seemingly small gesture accomplishes several crucial objectives:

  • Showcasing appreciation: Express gratitude, emphasizing the value of the partnership and your belief in the influencer's ability to amplify your brand.
  • Standing out in the crowd: In a world saturated with free samples, a handwritten note distinguishes your gift as thoughtful and deliberate, reinforcing the idea that this product was chosen specifically for them.
  • Spreading smiles: Happy influencers are motivated influencers. A thoughtful note communicates that your brand genuinely cares, fostering a positive relationship that transcends the transactional.

5. Tips for Writing The Perfect Influencer Gifting Note

Crafting a thoughtful influencer gifting note is essential for maximizing engagement and results with your influencer partners. To enhance your approach, consider the following tips:

  • Initiate with an outreach email: Connect with influencers via email first to confirm details and make a positive impression.
  • Use their name: Personalization matters, addressing influencers by name establishes a human connection.
  • Acknowledge their content: Reference specific content they've created, showcasing your awareness and interest in their work.
  • Opt for handwritten notes: In a digital age, handwritten notes stand out, with 81% of people finding them more meaningful than electronic communications.

Managing the intricate dance of influencer marketing requires precision. Enter influencer marketing hubs like Klear, offering a centralized solution for finding, vetting influencers, product seeding, and post-campaign analysis. 

From tracking UGC and engagement rates to managing contracts, these platforms streamline the process, allowing you to focus on nurturing relationships and maximizing the impact of influencer marketing.

Knowledge is power, and leveraging tools like Meltwater data enhances your influencer marketing prowess. 

In the grand symphony of influencer gifting, each note, each product, and each connection contributes to the crescendo of success. 

So, let the enchanting rhythm of influencer gifting elevate your brand to new heights. Happy gifting!